I turned my apartment into a skatepark, broke down the walls, and threw an eviction party.

This actually happened, exactly like this… Mile High Club legend!!!

I saved never-before seen footage for this for a long time.

I’m happy to confirm that I am still a gnarly dude…

When I saw these boobs, I knew this needed to happen.

Vacation goals right here!

I taped the craziest comedy special ever, watch it now: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/steveoguiltyascharged

This is the awesomest, most high-tech nut shot I have ever have been a part of.

I taped my first comedy special for Showtime. It will air in March 2016, and it’s fuckin awesome.

This might be the most fucked up prank I’ve ever pulled.

I did the 4th of July really big this year…

Professional skateboarders join me in skating the hell out of my car.

Johnny Knoxville helps me prepare to do a back flip off of a sixty foot bridge. This was a big, big deal for me.

I get lit on fire and blown the fuck up! Check it out!

A lot of people have been worried about me lately…

I’ve been putting in work!

I tried ski jumping, and flew 70 fuckin feet!

I’ve been getting totally rad in Austria!

In loving memory of Ryan Dunn…

This video is incredible.

I put a Black Widow in my mouth…

My buddies duct-taped me to a wall and shot a ton of fireworks at me.

Wild shit goes down on my comedy tour…

What are you waiting for? Click the video to find out my big news!

  • IMG_0877

Ryan Dunn’s gravesite in Brecksville, Ohio. I love and miss you, Brother, rest in peace.

  • IMG_0879

Hauling ass on a skateboard with Walter and Bernie. #ifuckinlovemydogs

  • IMG_0608

Who says you can’t go surfing in Arizona! Tempe’s “Big Surf” has the third largest wave pool in the world.

Please share this video with the hashtag #SeaWorldSucks

Thanks! Steve-O

Big laughs on my comedy tour in Australia and New Zealand.

Plenty more fun, criminal mischief in this epic video!:

I’ve been doing some pretty intense stuff lately, check this out:

  • fireheads

The first time Knoxville ever blew a fireball we used my head as a torch and FHM magazine got this awesome photo of it. Stay tuned for epic unreleased footage of this and way, way more…

  • headclimbsmall

Why would they put this awesome jungle gym right in downtown Calgary if they didn’t want me to climb to the top? #ireallypissedofftheguardstoday #ilovecanada

  • handstandsmall

First time riding a skateboard on my hands in ages, and I was cruisin! Photo by olavstubberud.com

  • nakedjumpsmall

I had a blast in Buffalo, NY this weekend, thanks to everyone at Helium Comedy Club! #fuckyeahdudes

  • boogersugarsmall

Hey kids, here’s a good reason not to do drugs… #holeinyournoseforever #saynotosnifflesnacks #boogersugerblows

  • DR_Pool_small

This might have been cutting it kinda close. #TinyShallowAssPool #SwellSurfCampFuckinRules #DominicanRepublic

Here it is, two minutes and four seconds of pure sex appeal…

  • DemiLovato_small

I was just filming a prank in a parking garage and Demi Lovato showed up and made it awesome. Thank you, Demi! Click on the photo if you want to see the prank…

This two-minute and seventeen-second long video is a greatest hits compilation of my personal video archive, and you need to watch it right now… Thanks!

  • shitfuck10thsmall

A special anniversary… 10 years of #shitfuck on my knuckles.

Some might say that this is going too far, but isn’t that the whole idea?

  • mgksteveosmall

Machine Gun Kelly and I just turned the house of blues upside down.

This video was taken down by YouTube for violating it’s “shocking and disgusting content” policy, but then they put it back up! Enjoy!:

  • heavyfootagesmall

There’s some heavy footage on this table…

Check this shit out!

I launched my own YouTube channel today with these two crucial videos:

  • shitfuckshirt

Thanks to the girl who wore the greatest shirt ever to my show last night!

  • jokersmall

Having way too much fun today, stay tuned for tons of new footage coming soon…

  • surf39small

Thanks to richardkotchphotography.com for taking the first photo of me as a 39-year-old, underwater in Maldives…

  • indianoceansmall

Having a blast surfing in the Indian Ocean.

  • shitnotsmall

I shit you not. #BombDropper #AirDuker #Singapore

  • germanywrestling

It’s not what it looks like- I was challenged to a wrestling match in Germany last week.

  • baldeaglesmall

It’s not just a road, it’s a way of life!

  • feb2small

MarkandDaves.com must be the raddest surf resort on earth. #Nicaragua

  • nicaraguaflipsmall

Hangin in Nicaragua, oh yeah, fuck yeah!

  • xray2013small

I finally got a butt x-ray to see the lead pellet and copper bb that have been in my buttcheeks for five years. Sweet cock, too, huh?

  • steveosantasmall

Merry Christmas and shit!

  • bhbsurfsmall

Surfing at Point Dume in LA County. Thanks to Adam Reynolds and BHBsurf.com for taking this photo…

  • hollywoodsign_small

What a lovely morning in Hollywood…

  • knifebalance_small

This photo was taken last year in Australia. I fuckin love that place!

  • brokennosesmall

While we were filming Jackass 3D, Bam Margera broke my nose with his “Rocky” trick, but the footage was unusable and didn’t show up anywhere. I waited two months before going to a nose doctor to try and get it fixed. The doctor told me that he would have to re-break it with a chisel to set it straight, […]

  • steveoveganback

I was asked to do a photo shoot to help make being vegan look sexy, so, naturally, I shaved my chest, lubed it up with coconut oil, and went for it!

  • NewAPT2

I moved into a new apartment and I love it so much…

  • Surfingsmall

Considering I’ve only really been surfing for a few months, I think I’m doing pretty darn well!

  • laddersmall

Blast from the past (1999)- standing on one leg while balancing a bike and ladder on my chin…

  • steve-o_nephewsmall

My nephew’s smile is really something, huh?

  • Walter_Berniesmall

I love being with Walter and Bernie so much… And they are gorgeous!

  • autograph

I don’t know how old the kid I wrote the message on this photo to is, should I care?

  • canadasurfsmall

It was below zero in Tofino, Canada this weekend, where joshlewis.ca took these photos of me. Thanks, Josh!

  • santatattoo

I’ve got a lot of insanely dumb tattoos, but can’t quite figure how dumb my new one really is. What do you guys think?

  • penissmall

Name this penis!

  • stamps

I can’t believe this is actually true- my face is on an official US postage stamp now. Check it out and get some:

  • Biker

Suck on this, Armstrong!

  • More Fire

I got hurt way more than usual on that Europe tour. Here’s a photo of a moment that I’ll never forget…

  • Guy

Tonight in Bergen, a guy asked me to draw a tattoo on his chest. We both agree I did a fantastic job, check it out…

  • beaver Statue

Chilling with Kate Moss in Norway…

  • Iceland

Check out this spot in Iceland…

  • Stitches_small

Things got a little out of hand on stage in Belgium last night…

  • facial

It only looks a little bit like there’s jizz on my face in this photo…

  • Punch

This is what I looked like two days after diving face-first into Mike Tyson’s fist…

  • bookcover

If you haven’t already, please click on my book and buy it. Thanks!

  • Matching Tats

I was wondering how long it would be before I met another dude with a tattoo of himself on his back. Michael’s is bigger, too. Thanks, Michael, I was waiting for this for years!

  • skateboarding

I’m officially on Facebook and Twitter now, hit me up and I’ll be looking forward to meeting you all on my tour, love,


  • tattoo

Plenty of people have shown me “your name” on their asses, but nobody ever showed me this. This made my night:

  • firebreather

This is what I’m looking for when I ask for a firebreather. Unbelievable. Great job tonight, Charlie! Holy crap.

  • headstandsmall

This weekend in Hawaii has been a blast- super crazy shows, and I learned how to surf in a headstand.

  • xray

If anyone isn’t sure about the new airport security machines, here’s what they put next to them to comfort you. Ha!

  • beaverpower

I while back I took this photo of random girl at a theme park in Orlando, anyone know where I can get this shirt?

  • brokenose

When we were filming jackass 3D, Bam broke my nose. This is my sad, broken nose picture…

  • wallride

I treated myself to a wallride on the way to my shows at the Irvine Improv…

I asked an employee from the Apple Store to come over to my apartment to help me with my new desktop computer. When I offered to pay him, he told me that he could lose his job if he accepted money from me for doing tech stuff on the side. He told me he has a band and wanted […]